postcontent: I have hired and worked with Rachel several times to help me organize my closet and create new looks from my existing wardrobe. She helped so much by going through my clothes with me, helping decide what to keep and what to get rid of, determining clothes that worked for my look but needed some type of alteration, and creating outfits with the clothes that I had but needed more options for getting more wear out of them. And, at the end, organizing my clothes in my closet in a more useful way for easy access and matching options. I will definitely continue to work with her as my needs change and fashion moves towards new looks and new styles. Rachel is so easy to work with, makes the process comfortable and keeps the project moving in an organized, enjoyable way. I appreciate her honesty and look forward to having her come to my home again for another closet clean-up! I have also hired Rachel for personal shopping and styling consulting in order to create different looks for weddings and black tie events. She helped select shoes and accessories to match an outfit or dress that I already had but has also shopped for me when looking for a shoe or certain piece of apparel to wear with something I already had but wasn’t sure what to wear with it or how to style it. Working with Rachel has given me confidence and helped me feel beautifully dressed with her expertise and special touch. She is so good at creating outfits with pieces that I would not have thought to put together and the style is amazing! I would not have ever expected to hire a stylist but now it is a small luxury that I enjoy when I want to look and feel my best!