postcontent: Have you ever gazed into your closet full of clothes but feel like there’s nothing to wear? Do you have tops, pants or shoes that you don’t wear simply because there’s nothing to go with them? If this sounds all too familiar you’ve come to the right place! I am a middle aged mom who always envied other women that looked so “put together”. I’d heard of personal stylists but thought they only existed for the ‘stars’ in Hollywood. On a whim I did a Google search for personal stylists’ in Pittsburgh and, after reading through several bio’s decided to take the plunge and call Rachel! The results were amazing! Rachel helped maximize my existing wardrobe, create outfits I never thought of and helped purchase items to complete looks and add versatility. She also took pictures of each outfit with accessories so I could remember what went together! Dressing in the morning has never been so easy! And my friends tell me I have never looked so good! Go for it! You will be sooo glad you did!