What I Do

I help people define (or refine) their unique style. My process is collaborative and interactive, which means it’s about YOU: your body type, your personality, your lifestyle, your vision of who you really are.

Maybe you have a hang up (or 10) about your body. Or about the way clothes look on it. Maybe you feel you should dress (or shouldn’t dress) a certain way in certain situations. I believe that everyone can feel confident about their closet if given the right tools. I’ll help you stop spending money on clothes you never wear, make the most of the wardrobe you already have, and transform the way that you feel. Ready to get started?

Think of the closet consult as the “analyze and edit” step. It’s a great place to start.

Personal shopping helps you build a wardrobe that you really love and works for you.

We'll combine and create outfits—and photo references—with your specific needs in mind.

Travel packing makes preparing for speaking engagements,business travel, or vacation easy & fun.